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Facebook complete logout from android app that uses the Facebook SDK

I have a problem with the Facebook SDK for Android: basically I have an app X that uses the Facebook SDK to login (since I also have the "Facebook" app for Android installed on my smartphone, it uses its native login screen to access) .
In this way, if I login from my app X via facebook SDK, I find myself also logged in in the "Facebook" app for Android.

Now the question arises: if I want to disconnect from my app X (maybe because I want to change user or because I used the app on another phone not mine), the facebook SDK does not allow the total disconnection from FB, but only from my app X.
This is a problem because if I open the app "Facebook" for Android, I find myself still connected and if I close and reopen my app X, it notes that there is a FB session opened and It auto connect me with that user.

How can I make complete logout from FB from my app X?


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Ok, the only method to completely logout facebook is to disable SSO login and use the web version...

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