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Git Bash(mintty) is extremely slow on Windows 10 OS

I installed git on my Windows 10 a couple months ago. It worked fine for some time. But now it's running so slow.

The git status command takes 7 seconds to execute, and git stash takes many minutes for stashing (even if there is nothing to stash). Also, I would like to point out that git status prints the result instantaneously, but I can not enter a new command for a few seconds as shown in the image below.

The screen is stuck like this for 7 seconds

I have tried surfing net for solutions to my problem like this, this, etc. but none of these have worked. Has anyone faced the same issue? please help.

P.S. : I use windows defender antivirus and it is NOT making my bash slow. Also cmd takes more time to execute git commands while git bash takes longer time to execute any command.

Update : I have switched to Ubuntu now and don't use windows anymore so there is no way I can check the solutions provided. I am accepting the answer provided by @pschild since it has the most number of upvotes and seems to have worked for many people.

Answer Source

I recently ran into the exact same issue. After trying all the advice from this thread and a lot of other threads, I finally found a solution here, respectively in the linked issue here.

Disabling AMD Radeon graphics driver in the Windows device manager and switching to integrated Intel HD graphics worked for me - for whatever reason.

Hope that helps!

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