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C#: How to get the full path of running process?

I am having a application that is changing some settings of other application (it is a simple C# application that run by double clicking (no setup required)).

After changing the settings I need to restart the other application so that it reflects the changed settings.

So to do, I have to kill the running process and start the process again, But the problem is after killing I am not able to find the process. (Reason is system do not know where the exe file is..)

Is there any way to find out the path of running process or exe, if it is running?

I do not want to give path manually, i.e. if it is running get the path, kill the proccess and start again else .... I will handle later

Answer Source
 using System.Diagnostics;
 var process = Process.GetCurrentProcess(); // Or whatever method you are using
 string fullPath = process.MainModule.FileName;
 //fullPath has the path to exe.

There is one catch with this API, if you are running this code in 32 bit application, you'll not be able to access 64-bit application paths, so you'd have to compile and run you app as 64-bit application. (Project Properties -> Build -> Platform Target -> x64)

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