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Is the Global Request variable in Python/Django available?

I have written a plugin that sends a signal to activate my code. However, it doesn't send the user-request object to my code. I am looking for a way to retrieve the current request without modifying the main application. I cannot find any documentation related to global request (like

in PHP).

I would like to know if there are any variable to do like that in Python/Django.

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As I know it, you define your Django view using a number of methods like:

def detail(request, some_param):
  # [...]

The parameter request contains information about the HTTP request. request.META['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR'] for example, returns the client's IP address.

If your plugin has something to do with requests, its classes and function probably will be instantiated/called from your view. This means you need to pass it the current request object, as it makes no sense to have a global request object around. In PHP, this is possible, as every request causes the whole code to be executed from scratch, but in Django requests are dispatched by a server and passed around in the framework using HttpRequest objects. Also refer to this part of the Django documentation for more information.

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