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SQL Question

Where can I download mysql jdbc jar from?

I installed and tried to use jasper report studio. The first brick wall you hit when you try to create a datasource for your reports is

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

The forums say I need to install a jar on the classpath. I have no idea how to do this, so the first hurdle is how to get the jar. The only place I can find is this:

but this unfortunately gives you an msi installer, not a jar. I don't want to install stuff, just get the jar.

I have mysql DB installed, had have trawled through the install dir in program files, but can't find the jar.

Anyone know the official (not malware site) way to get hold of the mysql jar? It seems bizarre that its so hard to find.

I have windows 8 64 bit and mysql 5.6.

Answer Source

Go to and with in the dropdown select "Platform Independent" then it will show you the options to download tar.gz file or zip file.

Download zip file and extract it, with in that you will find mysql-connector-XXX.jar file

If you are using maven then you can add the dependency from the link

Select the version you want to use and add the dependency in your pom.xml file

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