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Javascript Question

Using Facebook Graph to simply post a wall message with just javascript

In Facebook how can I post a message onto a user's wall saying "I scored 8/10 on objects game" then a URL?

I really don't want to have to use the full API, as I don't want to handle user login details. I don't mind if Facebook needs to authenticate and then post the message.

Is it possible using the new Graph API and JavaScript?

Answer Source

Note 4/16/2011: stream.publish seems to have been deprecated, There's a new way to do this:

You can use something like this to publish to a wall, the user will need to confirm before it get sent. Don't forget that you'll need to use FB.init and include the JS SDK link.

 function fb_publish() {
         method: 'stream.publish',
         message: 'Message here.',
         attachment: {
           name: 'Name here',
           caption: 'Caption here.',
           description: (
             'description here'
           href: 'url here'
         action_links: [
           { text: 'Code', href: 'action url here' }
         user_prompt_message: 'Personal message here'
       function(response) {
         if (response && response.post_id) {
           alert('Post was published.');
         } else {
           alert('Post was not published.');
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