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PHP 7.1 Nullable Default Function Parameter

In PHP 7.1 when the following function is called:

private function dostuff(?int $limit = 999) { }

with syntax like so:


the value of $limit becomes null. So I guess it can be said that the value of
was explicitly set to
. Is there any way to overcome this? I.e. when a null value (i.e. the lack of a value) is encountered use the default, whether it is implicit or explicit?


Answer Source

No PHP doesn't have a "fallback to default if null" option. You should instead do:

private function dostuff(?int $limit = null) { 
      $limit = $limit??999; // pre-int typehinting I would have done is_numeric($limit)?$limit:999;

Alternatively make sure you either do dostuff() or dostuff(999) when you don't have a sensible value for doing stuff.

Note: There's also reflection to get the default values of method parameters but that seems a too much.

However here's how:

 $m = new ReflectionFunction('dostuff');
 $default = $m->getParameters()[0]->getDefaultValue();
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