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React JSX Question

Sending props to a React component for a Jest unit test

In the render part of a component I have the following div:

<div className="col-sm-8" >
<input ref='full_link' className="formctrl" name='full_link' type='text'
value={browser.getURL(} />

To write a test unit for this component, I tried to shallow render it (
const component = shallow(<myComponent />);
) and it returns this error:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined

So I need to send this props to my component in the test. How should I send
to the shallow render?

Answer Source

Just pass the props as you would normally do when using the component:

const component = shallow(<myComponent params={{ id: 1 }} />)

Don't forget JSX is just a fancier way to do:

React.createElement(MyComponent, { params: { id: 1 } });

Note: you called your component myComponent but in JSX user-defined component names should begin with a capital letter (MyComponent), while "normal" elements (such as divs) start with a lowercase letter.

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