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Yii2: Registering Asset Bundle vs registering external Js file

Hi I wanted to know the advantage of registering Asset Bundle following the process described in the docs like
Process one
in AppAsset.php

public $js = [

then in the view file
adding Namespace like

namespace app\assets;

and then adding the use statement like

use app\assets\AppAsset;

Instead of doing all this if I use
Process Two

$this->registerJs('js/myjsfile.js', $this::POS_READY);

it works fine.
So why should I use Process One.

  1. Any advantage and reason for this will be greatly appreciated.

  2. If I follow the process one Do I need to add all the js files in
    AppAsset.php individually.


Answer Source

One of the main reasons for using an Asset Bundle is that your assets' paths will always be correct. Consider:

$this->registerJsFile('js/myjsfile.js', ['position'=>$this::POS_READY]);

will generate something like:

<script src="js/myjsfile.js"></script>

Which works great for non urlManager enabled urls, e.g. http://localhost/yiiproject/index.php?r=user/update&id=8 because your browser looks for the js file at: /yiiproject/js/myjsfile.js

But if you enable urlManager, your url will look like http://localhost/yiiproject/user/update/8, which means your browser will look for your js file at: /yiiproject/user/update/8/js/myjsfile.js.

You could overcome this problem by using:

$this->registerJsFile(Yii::$app->request->baseUrl.'/js/myjsfile.js', ['position'=>$this::POS_READY]);

But the Asset Bundle basicly does that for you.

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