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How to find and play videos downloaded by Android or Windows app

There is an App which features downloading their videos for offline viewing via their Android and Windows app. I was wondering where does this app saves these videos and if they are encrypted, how to decrypt and play them?
I am a programmer but I know nothing about Android/windows app development, here is what I have been able to hack so far:

On Android

It seems like it save videos at: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/
These files have no extension, I copied them to my laptop and tried giving different popular media extensions, nothing worked so far in neither of WMP, VLC & Quicktime Player.
I tried to identify file type using TrID (as specified in this link: and this utility suggests its an mp3 file (while it should be a video), I changed the extension to mp3, it did not worked either.
I tried opening the file in ISO buster and several other apps. Finally while trying different things, on android system itself when I choose the option to compute checks, it display some MD5 and SHA-1 values. I am not much familiar with these terms but figured out, these files seems to be encrypted
If I try to directly open this file on Android, System starts generating Hex Dump and then file explorer crashes.
Now if these files are really the video files and are encrypted, is there a way I can decrypt them and play directly in a video player?

On windows store App in my laptop's Windows 8.1

I found App files are stored at:

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\.com..com_1.5.0.2_neutral_split.scale-140_

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\.com..com_1.5.0.2_x64__

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\.com..com_2015.924.1324.2728_neutral_~_

I was able to figure out how to assign privileges to currently logged in User and gain the access to reach at these paths but couldn't make any further progress to find encrypted or non-encrypted video files in these folders at all.

I understand that if I really just want to download the video files there is much better and easy way by directly log in to their website and use any video grabber application or extension, its as easy as that, which does works.

But my intention here is not to download videos but rather I am just curious to do ethical hack for self learning and exploring things. Just want to understand whether it is even possible to decrypt, find appropriate extension and play them directly without the app or not. And where does both Android and Windows Apps are actually storing these videos on my own device which I am unable to access/play without App.. huh well done app developers!

Any help or pointers appreciated. Thanks :)

Answer Source

I was wondering the same thing and I done some exploring with windirstat and found a large bunch of files at:


They are .file but the large ones are the videos and they play fine in vlc. Could probably mess around with them and add the .avi or whatever, to the end for completeness if you wanted..

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