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Javascript Question

Javascript date formate conversion issue

I have this code:

click: function () {

datevalue = (this.x); //Returns 198

var dateTimeString = moment(datevalue).format("DDMMY"); //Returns 01011970


My problem is that dateTimeString is returning the format as 01011970 (so... 01-01-1970) and I need it to return the year in just 2 digits (70 in the case).

I've tried .format("DDMMY") and .format("DDMMyy") but none of them work.

How can I fix this?

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I've tried .format("DDMMY") and .format("DDMMyy")

Why would you do this? You want the year only, not the day and month.

Just format in the format you want:

var dateTimeString = moment(datevalue).format("YY");

According to your comment above, try

var dateTimeString = moment(datevalue).format("DDMMYY");