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Right align integers (Java)

I wanted to format a table as shown in here. But I have problem right-aligning integers. As can be seen in picture, the first four rows at the top, integers are right aligned. Is there any way to align integers via

as such? What I tried to do so far resembles it; but its not the same. Integers are left aligned.

String line = String.format("\n\nREGISTERS:\n");
line += String.format("%-21s %+05d\n%-21s %02d\n%-21s %+05d\n%-21s %02d\n%-21s %02d\n\n","accumulator",accum,
line += (String.format("MEMORY:\n"));
line += (String.format("%5d%5d%5d%5d%5d%5d%5d%5d%5d%5d\n",0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9));

for(int i = 0; i < memory.length; i += 10){
line += String.format("%2d ", i);
for(int j = i; j < i+9; j++){
line += String.format("%+05d ", memory[j]);
line += "\n";

Answer Source

One way may be to format the integers as a string by passing a String.format() to itself like this: String.format("'%5s'", String.format("%02d", instructionCounter))
So that line in your code becomes something like this:

line += String.format("%-21s%+05d\n%-21s%6s%-21s%+05d\n%-21s%6s%-21s%6s",
                              "instructionCounter",String.format("%02d\n", instructionCounter),
                              "operationCode",String.format("%02d\n", operationCode),
                              "operand",String.format("%02d\n", operand) );

Producing output as:

accumulator          +0000
instructionCounter      00
instructionRegister  +0000
operationCode           00
operand                 00

Hope this helps!

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