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How to return function name with bison?

I'm building a simplified C parser using bison and flex. I've written a grammar rule to detect functions in my Bison file, and I want the parser to send the name of the function to my C monitoring program. Here is an extremely simplified sample of what I've implemented :

my monitor program

#ifndef MONITOR_H
#define MONITOR_H

extern int noLig;
extern char* yytext;


#include <stdio.h>
#include <monitor.h>
#include <>

int noLig=0;

int main (int argc, char * argv[]) {
int err_code=yyparse();
if (err_code == 0) {
printf("It went fine\n");
} else {printf("It didn't go well\n");}
return 0;

project.l file

#include <stdio.h>
#include <monitor.h>
#include <>

"\"[a-zA-Z0-9]+"\" {ECHO; yylval.str=yytext; return STR;}
[.,;=()\[\]\{\}] { return yytext[0]; }

"char" {ECHO; printf("-"); yylval.str=yytext; return TYPE;}
"int" {ECHO; printf("-");yylval.str=yytext; return TYPE;}
"float" {ECHO; printf("-");yylval.str=yytext; return TYPE;}
"double" {ECHO; printf("-");yylval.str=yytext;return TYPE;}

[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9]* {ECHO; printf("-");yylval.str = yytext; return VAR;}

[ \t\n\b]+ {noLig++;}
"//".* {}
. {printf(":%cwhat is this",yytext[0]);}

project.y file

#include <stdio.h>
#include <monitor.h>
int yylex();
int yyerror ();
%union {
char *str;
int i;
%define parse.error verbose
%type <i> INT
%type <str> TYPE STR VAR


%start Program
Program: function_l

function_l: function
| function_l function

function: TYPE VAR '(' param_prototype_ld ')' '{' instruction_l '}'

param_prototype_ld: /*empty*/
| param_prototype_l

param_prototype_l: param_prototype
| param_prototype_l ',' param_prototype

param_prototype: TYPE VAR

instruction_l: /*empty*/
| VAR ';'
| VAR instruction_l
int yyerror (char* s) {
fprintf(stderr, "Compilator3000:l.%d: %s\n", noLig, s);

test.c file

int main (int arg) {

It compiles alright, with no warning. However, when I run
./monitor < test.c
, I get the following output :


int main (int arg) {
It went fine

Why does bison variable
returns the whole function block ? How can I get only the return type ? (In the end, my goal is to print the return type, function name, and the type of the arguments)

Answer Source

The value of yytext is not guaranteed to persist, and to make yytext persist it must be copied to a separate buffer. This is often done using strdup:

"\"[a-zA-Z0-9]+"\"  {ECHO; yylval.str=strdup(yytext); return STR;}
[.,;=()\[\]\{\}]    { return yytext[0]; }

"char"      {ECHO; printf("-"); yylval.str=strdup(yytext); return TYPE;}
"int"       {ECHO; printf("-");yylval.str=strdup(yytext); return TYPE;}
"float"     {ECHO; printf("-");yylval.str=strdup(yytext); return TYPE;}
"double"    {ECHO; printf("-");yylval.str=strdup(yytext);return TYPE;}

[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9]* {ECHO; printf("-");yylval.str = strdup(yytext); return VAR;}

Though strdup can return NULL, a wrapper function can be used to make that failure explicit

char *
strdup_checked(char *str)
        char *p;

        if ((p = strdup(str)) == NULL) {
        return (p);
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