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how to have two headings on the same line in html

I want to have two headings h2 and h3 on the same horizontal rule one on the left and the other on the right. They have a HR underneath them and I want them to be at the same distance from this HR.

I tried making them both inline and have one float right and the other left. The problem with doing so was with h3 as it is smaller than h2 vertically it was centered at half the h2's length.

h2 was kinda like sitting on the hr and h3 kinda looked like floating in mid air.

I kinda wanted them to be like both sitting on the hr.


I was talking about visually describing the situation.

Answer Source

You'd need to wrap the two headings in a div tag, and have that div tag use a style that does clear: both. e.g:

<div style="clear: both">
    <h2 style="float: left">Heading 1</h2>
    <h3 style="float: right">Heading 2</h3>
<hr />

Having the hr after the div tag will ensure that it is pushed beneath both headers.

Or something very similar to that. Hope this helps.

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