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What causes the Properties namespace in DLLs in Object Browser?

Looking in the Object Browser in Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, I can see that some assemblies have

namespaces, including some assemblies that I have made myself. We can see this in Telerick's
DLL as shown in the image below. None of these namespaces that I have seen to date have any contents publicly available, nor have any further information other than the name of the namespace (e.g.
Namespace TelerickData.Properties
) and the name of the assembly that it is a member of (e.g.
Member of TelerikData

Some assemblies do not display this namespace, such as some other Telerik DLLs or any of the framework DLLs.

What is the purpose of this namespace? Can I remove it, or hide it/make it private, for my own C# DLL? Should I?

DLL namespace listing in Object Browser showing empty Properties namespace

Answer Source

It is usually the place for the auto-generated designer classes of the Resources and Settings which by default belong to Properties namespace. The reason you do not see them outside of the library is probably due to their internal access modifier. Here is another answer on the internal only classes in the namespace.

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