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How to byte reverse NSData output in Swift the littleEndian way?

Hey guys I have this output from NSData: <00000100 84000c00 071490fe 4dfbd7e9>

So how could I byte reverse it in Swift and have this output: <00000001 0084000c 1407fe90 fb4de9d7>?

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This should work to swap each pair of adjacent bytes in the data. The idea is to interpret the bytes as an array of UInt16 integers and use the built-in byteSwapped property.

func swapUInt16Data(data : NSData) -> NSData {

    // Copy data into UInt16 array:
    let count = data.length / sizeof(UInt16)
    var array = [UInt16](count: count, repeatedValue: 0)
    data.getBytes(&array, length: count * sizeof(UInt16))

    // Swap each integer:
    for i in 0 ..< count {
        array[i] = array[i].byteSwapped // *** (see below)

    // Create NSData from array:
    return NSData(bytes: &array, length: count * sizeof(UInt16))

If your actual intention is to convert data from an (external) big-endian representation to the host (native) byte order (which happens to be little-endian on all current iOS and OS X devices) then you should replace *** by

array[i] = UInt16(bigEndian: array[i])


var bytes : [UInt8] = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8]
let data = NSData(bytes: &bytes, length: bytes.count)
// <01020304 05060708>
// <02010403 06050807>

(Previous answer deleted ...)

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