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Python Question

Making a new list with enumerate and sorting

I am brand new to python and coding in general. I'm actually a Cinema 4D artist. C4D has a built in python script manager. I will do my best to explain what I'm trying for.

I have a sphere. The sphere is broken up into points. I have calculated the distance each point on the sphere is away from a different object. I have made a list of all these calculated distances. I would like to make a new array of the index and the corresponding distance calculation. How do I combine the two lists into a new array? Mock example below -

def main():
pointdistance = [150.2, 2.3, 5.5, 145.2, 30.4, 22]
indices = list(range(len(pointdistance)))

print indices

It returns the correct number of indices needed [0,1,2,3,4,5]
my desired result would look like a combination - something like this:

preweight = [(0,150.2)(1,2.3)(2,5.5)(3,145.2)(4,30.4)(5,22)]

For bonus I would like to dynamically sort the new "preweight" array based on the distance calculation. So as I move the object around the array sorts from closest point to furtherest point. Kinda like this:

postweight = [(1,2.3)(2,5.5)(5,22)(4,30.4)(3,145.2)(1,150.2)]

Thanks in advance. I am really enjoying the help this site provides.

Answer Source

Use enumerate(..). When called on a list and iterated over, it returns elements of the list as a tuple of (index, element).

For the second half of your question, use sorted(.., key=<func>). sorted(..) when called with a key= will use the value returned by the function applied on the item for sorting. In your specific case, <func> would be something that would take an element and return the second item of the tuple. Something like: lambda x: x[1]

>>> pointdistance = [150.2, 2.3, 5.5, 145.2, 30.4, 22]
>>> list(enumerate(pointdistance))
[(0, 150.2), (1, 2.3), (2, 5.5), (3, 145.2), (4, 30.4), (5, 22)]
>>> sorted(enumerate(pointdistance), key=lambda x: x[1])
[(1, 2.3), (2, 5.5), (5, 22), (4, 30.4), (3, 145.2), (0, 150.2)]
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