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Android Studio Instant Run is not enabled?

Instant Run is a new feature introduced for reduce time for run and debug app.
I have all the required configuration for enabling Instant run, but it is not enabled on Android Studio. Here is my configuration below.

1. Android Studio 2.1
2. ''
3. minSdkVersion 15
4. Settings->Build, Execution, Deployment > Instant Run = "Enable Instant Run..."
5. Run ->device is Android version 4.4.4

Then Instant Run is NOT enabled. enter image description here

But when I am Run->on device Android Version 5.1.1, Instant Run is enabled.enter image description here

Please suggest, if some other configuration I missed to enable Instant run for Android 4.4.4 device.

Answer Source

When you are running for the first time Instant Run is not required as the apk will be installed for the first time in the selected device. From the second time onward if you choose the same device to deploy your changes then instant run will be automatically enabled from Android studio 2.0 and Gradle version 2.0.

Please Note: You are required to run in debug mode.

For more Clear understanding you may visit this link

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