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C# Question

Is this a safe way to use goto?

foreach (var thing in things)
string thing.var1 = ThisCanReturnNullSometimes();
if (thing.var1 == null)
goto tryagain;

I know ideally you don't want a method that can "fail" but I'm working with the youtube data API and for some reason some calls just.. don't follow through.

It seems like a short and sweet way to reattempt the iteration, but i've never used a goto before and I've only heard people say don't use it.

Answer Source

Most programs can be expressed without goto. In this particular case, a loop is a far more readable construct, because it says pretty much what you want it to say:

string x;
do {
} while (x==null);

One nice thing about this loop is that the readers always know its post-condition: the only way this loop can terminate is that x becomes non-null. You can also add safety check to ensure that you are not calling the method too many times.

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