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JSON Question

SAPUI5 List Data Binding Array

I want to bind a list and its content to a model.

var oT = new sap.m.StandardListItem({
title: "{carDataModel>/cars/1/carId}",

var oList = new sap.m.List("carList", {
oList.bindItems('carDataModel>/cars', oT);

I attached the following model to the view:


This way I get a list consisting of two List Items and by changing the 1 to a 0 I can switch between the values. But I want the first carId to apppear in the first Item and the second in the second. I tried several syntaxes but they all resulted into an empty List Item.

Thank You!


You are referencing an absolute path to the title in your template. Change it to a relative path (i.e., relative to the current item in your list) instead:

var oT =  new sap.m.StandardListItem({
    title: "{carDataModel>carId}",