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relative imports in python in flask app

I have read numerous SO questions and blogs. I am trying to structure my flask application. The current structure of my application is the following:


Now, inside
I want to access the config based on my environment( dev, staging, production).

from ..config import config

I am getting this error:

ValueError: Attempted relative import beyond toplevel package

I have tried using
I have also tried to set
as my root directory to tell interpreter what is top level package.
I think I am missing some fundamental in relative imports.

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If you are running your application through then there is no need of relative import in app/ You can simply say,

from config import <production/staging/development>

This is because, when your interpreter interprets, at the line say, from app import <something>, it will fetch app/ content and try to execute them at toplevel i.e. from directory application.

Now, assume you are running from ..config import config at toplevel. Obviously, it will throw an error.