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VelocityEngineUtils has been removed in Spring 3.2 so what else to use?

Today I have upgraded my entire Spring web application from using Spring

to Spring

Most part of my existing app does not break except that in Spring
, the


class seems to be removed completely from the spring-context-3.2.0.RELEASE.jar.

I found the migration guide as in this url.

It stated that
class has just been deprecated, but in fact it has been removed completely.

Maybe I'm just mistaken, I would like to know if the VelocityEngineUtils class still exist in somewhere or if not, what is the alternative class that I can use.

EDIT: It seems the entire velocity package has been removed from Spring
so now even
does not exist. Are Spring walking away from Velocity?

Answer Source

I don't think VelocityEngineUtils was in the spring-context jar (at least not since Spring last 3.1.x releases, according to GitHub).

Anyway, you can find it in spring-context-support-3.2.0.RELEASE.jar

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