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Shell Script-Checking if file exists, creating one, export terminal as log

I've just started learning bash yesterday and I need a little help. I need to make a script that will check if a file exists on co-workers computers and, if it doesn't the, script will make one. I have a general idea for that. The more important help I need is recording or logging the script to an output.txt or something of the sorts. I've seen the script command but it seems to be manual. I need it to record every interaction from the start to end and then export it and exit.

I could probably test if that log exists and then append whatever the script needs to check. I assume to start I could do file="./file" (example) and then do

if [ -e "$file" ]; then whatever.

What I plan to do is make a script that maybe checks if a firewall is on or if the co-workers have some file and then export the result(s) to some dir (mkdir). Pure examples. I really just need assistance on the exporting of the whole terminal input and output. Thanks.

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This is very simple script just check the existense of file, if so just move it to yourlocaiton dir.

    if [ -f /etc/cruelworld.txt ] ; then
        echo "File exist and moving it to my dir"
        mv /etc/cruelworld.txt /yourlocation
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