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Ruby Question

Cannot update Ruby on Sierra while running XCode 7.3.1

I have XCode 7.3.1 installed on OSX Sierra. I do not want to update to XCode 8.

However, I need to install Cocoapods and I am receiving an error stating that Ruby 2.2.0 is a requirement. My machine has Ruby 2.0.0

So I set about updating Ruby but have run into difficulty doing this.

If I use RVM or Brew to install ruby 2.2.0 I get the following:

Error: Your Xcode (7.3.1) is outdated.
Please update to Xcode 8.0 (or delete it).

How can I update Ruby WITHOUT updating Xcode on Sierra OSX

Any thoughts... have tried RVM, Brew, and rbenv but none work.

And the cocoapods error is the following when I try to install it

Error installing cocoapods:
activesupport requires Ruby version >= 2.2.2.

Answer Source

Because OSX comes with the default Ruby for its own use, you have to install Bundler form this command $ gem install bundler after you have done this install run this command $ bundle install ruby to install the latest Ruby Update.

This is not working, because it is selected so that I cant delete it.

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