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OneSignal iOS issue "No Push Token" with SDK 2.0.7

I am confronting a weird error from OneSignal and push notifications. I have 3 devices (2 iPhones, 1 mini iPad). After i completed the entire process of Push notifications, only my iPad receives push notifications from OneSignal. All my devices are registered in my Developer Account and what i found is the most weird situation is that i NSLOG the

to see if each device connected receives a token and they all indeed get a token but for some reason OneSignal doesn't. Only the iPad token. The only difference that i could see is that the iPad is 9.3.2 and both iPhones are 9.3.4. The same app is installed on all devices, the oneSignal registration method is called from
. Does anyone have been struggling with this issue as well? I attached an image of my oneSignal account. Thanks in advance.
OneSignal All Users dashboard

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Well finally after a week deleting and creating certificates more than 100 times, provisioning profiles, etc i found the problem. I am using objective-c so it is necessary to use the -ObjC flag. Go to project > Your Target > Build Settings > on the search bar write other linker flags, the section will come up and by double click on it, it will allow you to add -ObjC

enter image description here

Without this flag, the SDK wouldn't register the DeviceToken. Also if you are using Parse SDK, or GoogleMaps SDK, or Facebook SDK, you probably will have a conflict. The posible solutions are:

  • Parse SDK (I don't know if using parse server the conflict appears) : Delete ParseCrashReporting ParseFacebookUtils ParseTwitterUtils

  • Facebook SDK (Maybe with new versions, this won't be necessary): delete theFBAudienceNetwork

  • GoogleMaps: Basically the GoogleMaps SDK doesn't work with the -ObjC flag, so i using now the WEB API using HTTP Calls with JSON Responses. (It is all explained on the GoogleMaps Developers website)

Hope this will help someone that is struggling badly like i was. Please any question about this subject don't hesitate to ask me about it. I think that right now i know every possible fail.

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