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Telegram bot api keyboard

I have problem with Telegram Bot Api and with "ReplyKeyboard". I'm using Python 2.7 and I send post request: + "sendMessage", data=dict(chat_id=CHAT_ID, text="", keyboard={'keyboard': keyboard, 'one_time_keyboard': False, 'resize_keyboard': True})

keyboard in this format:

[["A button"], ["B button"]]

But in Telegram I don't see keyboard. What problem can be?

Answer Source

According to the Bot API documentations, a custom keyboard requires a reply_markup parameter, whose value is a JSON-serialized specification of the keyboard. Assuming your function does not JSON-serialize for you, I would try the following:

import json

json_keyboard = json.dumps({'keyboard': [["A button"], ["B button"]], 
                            'one_time_keyboard': False, 
                            'resize_keyboard': True}) + "sendMessage", 
                           text="Has to be non-empty", 

Note that text has to be non-empty.

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