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PHP Question

What does this code actually do?

I have recently been employed at an office where they use a lot of php in their work, most of my development background is HTML, CSS, Jquery, Wordpress and Angularjs, I have an idea behind the logic of some of php but was just wondering if anyone can enlighten me as to what this code below actually means/does?

return (isset($rs[0][0]) ? $rs[0][0] : "");

It is located within this function that calls the database and returns values.

function get_temp($table, $field){
global $db;
$sql="select $field from $table";
return (isset($rs[0][0]) ? $rs[0][0] : "");

I feel that is selecting one value from an array within an array but I cannot find any sources to confirm this so was hoping someone on here could help me out or at least point me in the right direction if I am wrong. The reason I believe this is the case is because if I pass the
variable more than one result it will always only return the first one, if this is the case it would also be helpful to me if someone could suggest a way to get all of the results, whenever I simply try:

return $rs

It simply returns "Array".

mmm mmm
Answer Source
(isset($rs[0][0]) ? $rs[0][0] : "");

This is a ternary operator. It does a check if $rs[0][0] is set. If yes it will make the function return $rs[0][0]'s value, if not it will return an empty string.

You could translate it to an if statement like this:

if (isset($rs[0][0])) {
    return $rs[0][0];
return "";
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