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Testing requests that redirect with mocha/supertest in node

I can't seem to get the following integration test to pass in an express project using mocha, supertest, and should (and coffeescript).

The test

should = require('should')
request = require('supertest')
app = require('../../app')

describe 'authentication', ->
describe 'POST /sessions', ->
describe 'success', (done) ->
it 'displays a flash', (done) ->
.field('user', 'username')
.field('password', 'password')
.end (err, res) ->
res.text.should.include('logged in')

Relevant application code

app.post '/sessions', (req, res) ->
req.flash 'info', "You are now logged in as #{req.body.user}"
res.redirect '/login'


1) authentication POST /sessions success displays a flash:
AssertionError: expected 'Moved Temporarily. Redirecting to //' to include 'logged in'

Obviously, the application code doesn't do anything useful. I'm just trying to get the test to pass.

Putting the expectation (
res.text.should.include('logged in')
) outside the end function and inside the
function yields the same results. I've also tried a variation of the function calls, for example removing the
call, and using
.send(user: 'username', password: 'password')
instead of the two

If it means anything, sending a curl POST request to the the app when it's running locally yields the same output (
Moved Temporarily. Redirecting to //

I have a feeling this is a trivial error. Possibly something I'm forgetting in the application code or the test code.

Any suggestions?

EDIT 1: It's also worth noting that when clicking the submit button in the browser I get the expected results (a flash message).

EDIT 2: Further investigation shows the output of any redirect results in the
Moved Temporarily. Redirecting to ...
response body. This makes me wonder if there is a problem in the way I'm exporting the app in app.js.

var express = require('express')
var app = express();

module.exports = app;

Answer Source

For anyone who comes across this page, the answer to this question is pretty simple. The Moved Temporarily. response body is what is returned from supertest. See the issue for more details.

To summarize, I ended up doing something like this.

should  = require('should')
request = require('supertest')
app     = require('../../app')

describe 'authentication', ->
  describe 'POST /sessions', ->
    describe 'success', ->
      it 'redirects to the right path', (done) ->
          .send(user: 'username', password: 'password')
          .end (err, res) ->

Just check that the response header location is what you expect it to be. Testing for flash messages and view specific integration tests should be done using another method.

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