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Javascript Question

Jquery Content Filter Function on Wheelnav

I tried to pose this question already but realize that my wording may be an impediment to finding the answer. I've also made progress, and the current result is not reflected in the other thread so figured I'd start fresh to find the answer.

In my design currently, I have a menu that slides out from the right side to control the filtering of the page content; I want this menu to be controlled by wheelnav. For now that content is just text, but it will be images in divs in the future. I am using "wheelnav" and "mixitup".

I made a fiddle in an attempt to consolidate all of the scripts I'm using and all of the code I need to place. Hope I did this correctly. The fiddle contains both normal text controls and the as-of-yet nonfunctional wheel controller.

This fiddle :

My intention is to take this code, which describes the individual wedges of the pie and can be used to assign an function,

<div class="filter" data-wheelnav-navitemtext='marda'></div>

and add the functionality of the sorting script with

class="filter" data-filter=".marda"

But it appears to be more easily said than done.

Also please feel free to point out any problems you see in the way things are written or laid out, because I am entirely new to the process. Have had plenty of hiccups along the way and am very interested in smoothing them out.

Thank you in advance,

Edit - Hey all, still looking for help on this, no developments but hopefully a rewording will help.

Answer Source

You can't use another data- attribute on wheelnav but you can achieve your goals with the onmouseup event.

<div data-wheelnav-navitemtext="marda" onmouseup="$('#Container').mixItUp('filter', '.marda');"></div>
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