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reST (reStructuredText) Question

Mass CRUD REST edit/update controller

I am trying to create a RESTful CRUD controller with a little but significant difference that might be in conflict with REST idea but anyway:

I am trying to mass edit items like so

where item id parameters are like

What is the proper way to establish that in Laravel 5.3?
Is there a way to use some method injections or at least to receive a collection of parameters in the controller method ?

public function edit($id) {

Appreciate your kind help, BR


Using Eloquent you can do whereIn, so you just need to explode the photo parameter so that all the ids are in an array:

public function edit($ids) {
    $photo_ids = explode('&', $ids);

    $images = Image::whereIn('id', $photo_ids)->get();

You can switch out statically accessing the Image model like I did in this example, you can just method inject or dependency inject the image model, let me know if you'd like assistance with dependency/method injection.