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Python Question

Nested for-loop the pythonic way to structure data?

I have structured data in some sources and ultimately I would like to step through each source, by the same amount, but starting at different indexes, in order to re-structure the data.

I will go on to perform analysis on each item contained in each iterated slice of source. What is the python way to do this? A nested for loop?

sources = ('source1', 'source2' 'source3')
for source in sources:
slices = ('[1::5]', '[2::5]''[3::5]')
for slice in slices:
iteratedSlice = source[slice]

Answer Source

A nested for loop with slice is a good starting point:

sources = [source1, source2, source3]
slices = [slice(1,None,5), slice(2,None,5), slice(3,None,5)]

for source in sources:
    for s in slices:
        iteratedSlice = source[s] 
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