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Angular Search multiple input values

I have a result set populated via ng-repeat. Now I need to do a sort of filtering. I tried using ng-filter to filter out search results.
Use Case : User can enter multiple merchantIds each comma separated(or any other preffered machanism). And the result set populated corresponds to the merchantIds the user entered.
How currently works : Search works well when searching single merchantId.
For example when user types merchantId, this list downs all merchants that starts with merchantId. When the input value is merchantId_1, the result is only related to merchantId_1. What I need is the user should be given the capability of typing merchantId_1, merchantId_2 (each comma seperated) and list down the result corresponds to both merchantIds.

What is the feasible way of achieving this using Angular.

Answer Source

I made a plunker that achieves what you were aiming for.


<input ng-model="searchText" />
<div ng-repeat="merchant in merchants | merchantFilter:searchText">


angular.module('app', [])
.controller('testController', function($scope) {
  $scope.merchants = ['merchant_1', 'merchant_2', 'merchant_3']
.filter('merchantFilter', function() {
  return function(merchants, searchText) {
    // If there's no input, return full list
    if (!searchText) return merchants;
    // Split and trim the search string
    var searchTerms = searchText.split(',');
    searchTerms = {
      return term.trim();
    // Filter and return merchants matching any search term
    var returnedArray = [];
    _.forEach(merchants, function(merchant) {
      if (_.find(searchTerms, function(term) {
        return merchant.indexOf(term) > -1;
      })) {
    return returnedArray;
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