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How to get Anchor Links to work in Jquery Mobile?

Jquery Mobile has decided to treat anchor links as page requests of sort. However, this isn't good if you have a load of blog posts which have anchor links to the same page (ie href="#specs").

Is there a way to disable jquery mobile's anchor link usage on a specific page which I know I won't be using it on so I can use anchor links as they were intended, to drop down to a part of the page?

I only need a solution for anchor links on the same page (ie: href="#specs").


Answer Source

You could try adding a data-ajax="false" on the anchor tag.

Linking without Ajax

Links that point to other domains or that have rel="external", data-ajax="false" or target attributes will not be loaded with Ajax. Instead, these links will cause a full page refresh with no animated transition. Both attributes (rel="external" and data-ajax="false") have the same effect, but a different semantic meaning: rel="external" should be used when linking to another site or domain, while data-ajax="false" is useful for simply opting a page within your domain from being loaded via Ajax. Because of security restrictions, the framework always opts links to external domains out of the Ajax behavior.

Reference - http://jquerymobile.com/demos/1.0.1/docs/pages/page-links.html

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