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Linux Question

Is there something like WMI for Linux?

I like the whole WMI concept, and I could really make use of it under Linux (in some scripts). Is there something like that for Linux systems?

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Not really. Are you using WMI to get system parameters, or to query processes, or to change configuration, or monitor for system events, or what?

The kernel exposes a lot of information and tunable knobs via the /proc and /sys filesystems. No query language, just a organized hierarchy of directories and files. Some of these files are read-only, read-write, or write-only; some of them are pollable.

Some services may have custom clients to query and update configuration on the fly -- chrony's chronyc comes to mind, but even the very most basic init has initctl. Newer services like HAL can be introspected and manipulated over D-Bus.

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