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return SQL table as JSON in python

I'm playing around with a little web app in web.py, and am setting up a url to return a JSON object. What's the best way to convert a SQL table to JSON using python?

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Personally I prefer SQLObject for this sort of thing. I adapted some quick-and-dirty test code I had to get this:

import simplejson

from sqlobject import *

# Replace this with the URI for your actual database
connection = connectionForURI('sqlite:/:memory:')
sqlhub.processConnection = connection

# This defines the columns for your database table. See SQLObject docs for how it
# does its conversions for class attributes <-> database columns (underscores to camel
# case, generally)

class Song(SQLObject):

    name = StringCol()
    artist = StringCol()
    album = StringCol()

# Create fake data for demo - this is not needed for the real thing
def MakeFakeDB():
    s1 = Song(name="B Song",
    s2 = Song(name="A Song",

def Main():
    # This is an iterable, not a list
    all_songs = Song.select().orderBy(Song.q.name)

    songs_as_dict = []

    for song in all_songs:
        song_as_dict = {
            'name' : song.name,
            'artist' : song.artist,
            'album' : song.album}

    print simplejson.dumps(songs_as_dict)

if __name__ == "__main__":
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