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Ignore outliers in ggplot2 boxplot

How would I ignore outliers in ggplot2 boxplot? I don't simply want them to disappear (i.e. outlier.size=0), but I want them to be ignored such that the y axis scales to show 1st/3rd percentile. My outliers are causing the "box" to shrink so small its practically a line. Are there some techniques to deal with this?

Here's an example:

y = c(.01, .02, .03, .04, .05, .06, .07, .08, .09, .5, -.6)
qplot(1, y, geom="boxplot")

enter image description here

Answer Source

Here is a solution using boxplot.stats

# create a dummy data frame with outliers
df = data.frame(y = c(-100, rnorm(100), 100))

# create boxplot that includes outliers
p0 = ggplot(df, aes(y = y)) + geom_boxplot(aes(x = factor(1)))

# compute lower and upper whiskers
ylim1 = boxplot.stats(df$y)$stats[c(1, 5)]

# scale y limits based on ylim1
p1 = p0 + coord_cartesian(ylim = ylim1*1.05)
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