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Can't enter invalid view value when using ng-model-optios getterSetter

If I am using

with form validation then I cannot enter anything invalid into an input. e.g.


<input type="number" ng-model-options="{getterSetter: true}" ng-model="ctrl.myVal" min="10">


this.myVal = function(value) {
if (value !== undefined) {
this.actualVal = value;
} else {
return this.actualVal;

With that input I cannot enter any number as it would be less than 10.

I am trying to get the same behavior I get without the
. Namely: a user can enter any invalid input in the view but the model will only be set when the input is valid.

Anyone know a workaround I can user to get form validation working with a
or can anyone explain why this is happening?

Answer Source

This happens because the value passed to your setter can be undefined, tricking your getterSetter into handling a "setter" call as "getter" call.

Changing your condition from value !== undefined to arguments.length will fix your issue: Updated plnkr

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