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Android Question

Is there a way to give promo/coupon codes for people to download your app for free?

I need a way to share my app to allow people to download it for free with a coupon code or promo code or checkout code. I would like to post the code to a board, and invalidate it after some time. My app uses licensing and in-app billing, so mailing the APK may not be appropriate. The last question I saw regarding this was 6 months old, so I did not know if there was a newer solution available.

Answer Source

Google has recently enabled support for promotion codes for paid apps and in app purchases. You will first need to setup a promotion through your Google play store developer console:

Or add support for in app purchase codes through in app promotions:

Note however that there are limits to the amount and type of codes that can be created:

For each app, you can create up to 500 promo codes per quarter. To reach that limit, you can use any combination of paid app and in-app promo codes.

Here are some ways you could reach your promo code limit for an app:

  • 500 paid app promo codes, or
  • 500 promo codes for one in-app product, or
  • 250 paid app promo codes + 250 promo codes for one in-app product, or
  • 100 promo codes for five in-app products
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