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Javascript Question

how to decrypt Dreamweaver site passwords?

When I set a site on the Dreamweaver and configure a server ftp for the site, many times I forgot the passwords so that I want to find a way to recover it.

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The Dreamweaver just gives you the option to export the site manager data.

Site=>Manage Sites=>select the site=>export

this will save on your computer a readable xml file with extension .ste

Just open it in word-pad or any other application to read the xml and search for the needed server password and get the value of the attribute pw in the tag server

Then use this javascript function to decrypte the password from this value

function decodeDreamWaverPass(hash){
    var pass = '';
    for (var i=0 ; i<hash.length ; i+=2){
    return pass;

Hope that it will be helpful for you...

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