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ng-show > 10 throws syntax error (VS browser link)

I have a table cell that shows if there's more than 10 records. Part of my pagination.

<td ng-show="totalRecords>10" colspan="5">
<ul uib-pagination style="margin:0;" total-items="totalRecords" ng-model="currentPage" ng-change="pageChanged()"></ul>

Pretty straightforward. But here's the crazy - it throws the following error in Chrome:

Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: td[ng-show='totalRecords @ browserLink:37
bc.error @ browserLink:37
bh @ browserLink:37
bp @ browserLink:37

I'll note that
is set to zero (
) in the controller. Setting it to other values doesn't change anything. Everything else in the controller works perfectly.

The following scenarios don't throw any error:

<td ng-show="totalRecords=10" colspan="5">...</td>
<td ng-show="totalRecords<10" colspan="5">...</td>
<td ng-show="totalRecords>9" colspan="5">...</td>
<td ng-show="totalRecords>=11" colspan="5">...</td>
<td ng-show="totalRecords" colspan="5">...</td>

Anyone have a guess as to why?

Answer Source

The problem is with Visual Studio's "browser link" feature which can cause problems with AngularJS. Based on some research I did about the error you are experiencing, it seems that people are recommending to disable the browser link feature in Visual Studio.


The following link includes a similar description of the error you have and a few ways to disable the browser link feature: