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Java Question

Getting all records from database to Vaadin Table

I'm trying to load records from database table to Vaadin table.

I'm getting all records from table

like this:

public ResultSet selectRecordsFromDbUserTable() throws SQLException {

Connection dbConnection = null;
Statement statement = null;
ResultSet rs = null;

String selectTableSQL = "SELECT * from process";

try {
dbConnection = getDBConnection();
statement = dbConnection.createStatement();
// execute select SQL stetement
rs = statement.executeQuery(selectTableSQL);

} catch (SQLException e) {
} finally {
if (statement != null) {
if (dbConnection != null) {
return rs;

And it is working well. In
ResultSet rs
I'm getting all rows which I need.

How to load them into Vaadin

Answer Source

First of all add container properties

table.addContainerProperty("Id", Long.class, 1L);
table.addContainerProperty("Name", String.class, "");
//Add other columns for table which are container properties

Loop through ResultSet

int itemId=1;
   table.addItem(new Object[]{rs.getLong("id"),rs.getString("name")},itemId++);
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