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Jquery Ajax and PHP MVC Model

I´m building a small application with Jquery and PHP. Jquery (index.html) adds Form Fields for the User and sends those to a PHP Script (pdo.php). The PHP Script fetches Values from the Database and does some calculations with the User given Values and the Values from the DB. The sum is returned to the Form Page.

index.html <-> pdo.php

Thus I am trying to understand the PHP MVC pattern my question is if

a.) this would make sense in this case.

b.) if so, which part would be what. index.html --> view; pdo.php --> model; controller --> ?

thanks for your help,



jquery ... index.html

var name = encodeURI($("#name").val());

type: "POST",
url: "pdo.php",
data: "name="+name,
success: function(data){
var json = $.parseJSON(data);


function talk (say){
jQuery.noticeAdd({text: say,stay: false});



/* DB Connection */
$strDbLocation = 'mysql:dbname=test;host=localhost';
$strDbUser = 'root';
$strDbPassword = 'root';

$objDb = new PDO($strDbLocation, $strDbUser, $strDbPassword);
catch (PDOException $e){
echo 'Failure: ' . $e->getMessage();

/* Fetch POST Data */
$id = $_POST['name'];

/* Build query */
$dbSelect = $objDb->prepare("SELECT Age,Name FROM Benutzer WHERE id = :id");
$dbSelect -> setFetchMode(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);
$dbSelect -> bindParam('id', $id);
$dbSelect -> execute();

/* Output + Calculate */
while($row = $dbSelect->fetch()) {
$total = $row['Age'] / 100 . "<br />";

/* Return to User */
$ret = Array("summe" => "Summe: " . $total, "say" => "all right");
echo json_encode($ret); }
$ret = Array("summe" => "Nothing for you", "say" => "nothing for you");
echo json_encode($ret);

Answer Source

In a standard MVC webapp, routes are matched to controller actions. These controller actions may interface with the Model [which in turn interfaced with the database] or performs some other Model-agnostic calculations, and renders a view. It is obvious that the index.html is the view. And I think you have the controller and the model bundled up in pdo.php.

I really recommend PeeHaa's link in the comments. That answer is well written.

That been said, there are many architectural patterns to making a webapp. Yours may not be MVC. Some prominent frameworks that aren't MVC are SproutCore (View-based controllers) and JSP pages (single controller).

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