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Node.js Question

Cannot find runtime 'node' on PATH - Visual Studio Code and Node.js

With a downloaded and installed version of Visual Studio Code 1.2.1, and a 64bit version of node.exe msi placed in my working directory (I am assuming that is correct), how do we add node and npm command line tools to be on our PATH? I am confused in understanding that statement. Where and how do we implment that? I am quoting this requirement directly from the top of this resource page -

As a result of my current situation, I set a breakpoint in an app.js file. And when I hit F5, it tells me...

Cannot find runtime 'node' on PATH

I am completely lost in understanding and fixing this issue in Visual Studio Code.

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So node got kicked out of path. you can do

       SET PATH=C:\Program Files\Nodejs;%PATH%

Or simply reinstall node to fix this. which ever you think is easiest for you

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