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MongoDB: no locking?

I searched a lot but could not find a clear solution, although my scenario is super standard. In the code below I'm checking if ID exists. Then:

If ID doesn't exist, a record is inserted with count=1.

Otherwise, count is increased by 1

req.db.collection('names_table').count({_id: name}, function (e, result) {
if (e) { return next(e); }
if (result === 0) { //name not yet exists
var new_name = { "_id": name, count:1; };
db.collection('names_table').insert(new_name, function (e) {
if (e) { return next(e); }
debug('name ' + name + ' created successfully');
} else {
debug('increasing name ' + name + ' to ' + result);
var update_name = { '$inc': { "count": 1 } };
db.collection('names_table').update({_id: player_id}, update_name, function (e) {
if (e) { return next(e); }

How can I make sure that between {decision that the ID doesn't exist} and {new id is inserted}, no other thread will come and repeat the same logic and also try to insert after testing if exist?

Answer Source

Try this, it might be solving your issue

_id on a document is unique by default, so no need of checking it whether the id exists and insert a record or update a record.

Update query used together with upsert will help you handling the scenario of inserting a record if _id is not exists and updating the record if _id is already there.

db.names_table.update( { _id: "name",  $inc: { count: 1 }},{ upsert: true })

Pass the real value for _id

More info on Update and Upsert

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