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R Markdown - change default pdf table caption prefix

The default function (example

Table: Table one
) for getting table captions in your R Markdown pdf-documents is nice. But I struggle to change from default English "Table" to something else while at the same time keeping placement (above table) and numbering. Numbering is solveable, I could write my own count-function but placement have to be above the table.

I have tried to use
to set a new prefix but that seems to break both placement and numbering.

Do anyone have any idea for what I should do, can I change the default table caption while (at minimum) keeping default placement above table but preferably keeping numbering as well?

Answer Source

You can do so by using the caption Latex package and changing the caption name in a separate header.tex file. Then tell rmarkdown to include it:


      in_header: header.tex

```{r cars}
knitr::kable(mtcars, caption = "This is a test")


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