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Get Image path JavaFx

I want to get the path name of the current Image loaded in my Image object.

I have the following code:

Image lol = new Image("fxml/images/bilhar9.png");

and I want to do something like:


that should return "fxml/images/bilhar9.png", I found the method impl_getUrl() but is deprecated.

What should I do?

Answer Source

You can't get the image path from the image through a non-deprecated API, because no such API exists in Java 8. You could use the deprecated API and risk your application being broken in a future Java release when the deprecated API is removed - this is not advisable. You could create a feature request to make getURL() a public API on image, but that there is no guarantee that would be accepted and even if it was, it would only make it into a later Java release.

Image is not final, so I suggest the following:

class LocatedImage extends Image {
    private final String url;

    public LocatedImage(String url) {
        this.url = url;

    public String getURL() {
        return url;

Create your image like this:

Image image = new LocatedImage("fxml/images/bilhar9.png");

Then you can access the url via:

String url = image instanceof LocatedImage 
        ? ((LocatedImage) image).getURL() 
        : null;

Not a great solution, but maybe sufficient for your case.

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