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Foreach value from POST from form

I post some data over to another page from a form. It's a shopping cart, and the form that's being submitted is being generated on the page before depending on how many items are in the cart. For example, if there's only 1 items then we only have the field name 'item_name_1' which should store a value like "Sticker" and 'item_price_1' which stores the price of that item. But if someone has 5 items, we would need 'item_name_2', 'item_name_3', etc. to get the values for each item up to the fifth one.

What would be the best way to loop through those items to get the values?

Here's what I have, which obviously isn't working.


$x = 1; // Assuming there's always one item we're on this page, we set the variable to get into the loop

while(${'item_name_' .$x} != '') {

echo ${'item_name' .$x};



I'm still relatively new to this kind of usage, so I'm not entirely how the best way to deal with it.


Answer Source

Use array-like fields:

<input name="name_for_the_items[]"/>

You can loop through the fields:

foreach($_POST['name_for_the_items'] as $item)
  //do something with $item
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