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Ruby Question

How to get the specific files in pattern-matching directory Ruby

I would like to write a Ruby script that would find if the directory from the same pattern then copy the folders and files inside to another directory.

For example, if I want to find a pattern of directory that is:


it can be:

  • ./file/drive_Temp/abc/tools/

  • ./file/drive_Temp/def/tools/

  • ./file/drive_Temp/xyz/tools/

as long as the front part starts with "./file/drive_Temp/" and end with "/tools/".

what I want to do is to copy all the files that meet the pattern of the directory as mentioned to a new directory:

There might be some files in the following directory such as :

  • ./file/drive_Temp/abc/tools/aaa.txt

  • ./file/drive_Temp/abc/tools/bbb.txt

  • ./file/drive_Temp/abc/tools/ccc.txt

  • ./file/drive_Temp/def/tools/zzz.txt

  • ./file/drive_Temp/def/tools/yyy.txt

  • ./file/drive_Temp/def/tools/qqq.txt

  • ./file/drive_Temp/xyz/tools/ttt.txt

  • ./file/drive_Temp/xyz/tools/jjj.txt

those txt files would be move to directory called Tools

This is my code:

if'./file/drive_Temp/**/tools') './file/drive_Temp/**/tools/*.*','./Tools'

Is the double asterisk not working? Because the folder could not be moved to the directory specified. Or should I use

Answer Source

You could use Dir to get all the files within those directories, and iterate to move each of those files, like this:

Dir["./file/drive_Temp/**/tools/*"].each do |file|, './Tools')

Notice that this will replace any files that already exist in ./Tools; if such behavior needs to be avoided, then you can check if the file to be moved already exists in .Tools before moving it, for example:

target_dir = "./Tools"

Dir["./file/drive_Temp/**/tools/*"].each do |file|
  if File.exist?("#{target_dir}/#{File.basename(file)}")
    # Handle file with duplicate name.
  else, target_dir)
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