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JSHint - ^ 'concise methods' is available in ES6

I'm trying to submit a simple form using AJAX. I'm using grunt as task runner to compile my JS files and so.

Here is what I did until now.

$("form").submit(function(event) {

var formData = {

url: 'xxx',
type: 'POST',
dataType: 'json',
data: formData,
encode: true
.done(function(data) {


My doubt is about a JShint error when the task is about to run

^ 'concise methods' is available in ES6 (use esnext option) or Mozilla JS extensions (use moz).

Here is my gruntfile (jshint task)

jshint: {
ignore_warning: {
options: {
'-W099': true,
/*'-W041': true,*/
'-W044': true,
'-W033': true,
'-W043': true,
'-W049': true,
'-W004': true,
'-W065': true,
'-W083': true, // Corrigir futuramente
src: ['public/_assets/src/js/modules/*.js'],

What exactly does it means ? And how can I solve this error ?


Answer Source

The formData body is missing the names:

var formData = {

Any kind of short-hand object literal, be it calculated names or inline methods, is an ES6 feature.

You almost certainly just need to add the names to the values you're already getting:

var formData = {
    username: $("#username").val(),
    password: $("#password").val()

With ES6, you are able to declare methods in an object literal, like so:

var formDataFetch = {
  username() {
    return $("#username").val()

(see this blog post for more details)

which seems to be what the parser thinks your object contains.

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