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How to detect what triggered applicationWillResignActive?

I have a Video Chat application that I want to disconnect from a call when the device is locked, but stay connected when an SMS, calendar, low battery or any other type of notification is received. The problem is, I cannot figure out for the life of me how to determine what causes my app delegate's applicationWillResignActive selector to be called.

I have thought about implementing some kind of timeout where if applicationDidBecomeActive was not called within a certain number of seconds I would disconnect but that falsely assumes that a user will ignore or accept a received notification within that number of seconds.

Can anyone help me figure out a way to determine what caused the applicationWillResignActive selector to be called?

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I think the short answer may be, that you can't really determine specifically what causes the resign call, however you can only plan according to if it actually goes in the background or not.

Check this link out where it details the steps multitasking takes.

Good luck, you seem like an awesome guy!

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